• Is Every Morning a Battle for the Bathroom?

    If every morning is a battle for the bathroom, Shower Screeners are essential for you. In days gone by, shower curtains allowed family members or h...
  • Tell us what new designs you'd like to see us produce

    Here are a few of the designs we are considering. Please email us and let us know what you think. Design 1: Bubbles Design 2: Fractles Design ...

Gone are the days of the

shower curtain

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Features of our privacy window film

Shower Screeners are easy to install and remove. Unlike many other privacy window films on the market, all you need is water and a cloth!

This means no sticky adhesive, so you don't have to stress about getting it right the first time Furthermore, Shower Screeners are suitable for most glass surfaces, and can be cut to size. All designs come as an 800 x 800 square

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