How to Apply Shower Screeners


Unroll your Shower Screener and lay on a flat surface. Be careful not to crease the Screener.. Then decide what position and if you want it on the inside or outside of the glass.

Thoroughly clean the area where you want the Screener positioned. You can use commercial cleaners from the supermarket. For a more natural clean, mix vinegar and water (50/50) in a spray bottle. Then spray and wipe until the area is clean and free from any residual soap scum.

Next, wet down the shower glass with a damp cloth. Apply the Screener to the moistened area and wipe away any air bubbles.

If you need to re-position the Screener, simply peel off, re-moisten the area with a wet cloth. Then reapply the Screener and wipe away any air bubbles.

If the Screener starts to peel off, just peel it all the way off. Make sure the glass surface is clean and free of any soap scum. As before, re-moisten the area with a wet cloth, then reapply the Screener and wipe away any air bubbles.

When you need to clean your shower, you just carefully peel off the Screener and place somewhere safe to avoid creasing. Clean the shower as you normally would. Then re-moisten, re-apply and wipe away any air bubbles as previously done.


Gone are the days of the

shower curtain

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Features of our privacy window film

Shower Screeners are easy to install and remove. Unlike many other privacy window films on the market, all you need is water and a cloth!

This means no sticky adhesive, so you don't have to stress about getting it right the first time Furthermore, Shower Screeners are suitable for most glass surfaces, and can be cut to size. All designs come as an 800 x 800 square

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