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Privacy window film for the shower and other windows!

Privacy Window Film | Art Your Glass Is every morning a battle for the bathroom? You probably miss the good old days when shower curtains allowed family members or housemates to "gate crash" the bathroom. As a result, they could brush their teeth, shave, or apply makeup without compromising the modesty of the person showering. Unfortunately, modern glass shower screens don't provide any privacy at all. Time sharing the bathroom is a common problem for many non-intimate housemates. Art Your Glass™ has come up with an elegant, low cost privacy window film solution – Shower Screeners™! Finally, there is a privacy window film that is re-usable, enabling you to decorate your bathroom and change themes in minutes without hassle! Click here to check out our designs

Studio 10 Coverage

We were stoked to be featured on Studio 10! Big thanks to Sarah Harris for the coverage, and congratulations to the audience members who received a Shower Screener as a prize!

Features of our privacy window film:

Shower Screeners are easy to install and remove. Unlike many other privacy window films on the market, all you need is water and a cloth! This means no sticky adhesive, so you don't have to stress about getting it right the first time - simply peel the film off the window and reapply! Furthermore, Shower Screeners are suitable for most glass surfaces, and can be cut to size. Watch the tutorial here. Summary of features:
  • Easy to install/remove - just use water and a wet cloth
  • Re-usable - simply peel off and reapply
  • Suitable for glass surfaces
  • 800mm X 800mm - cut to fit the size of your window
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